Adorable dog is unable to contain his excitement after snowfall in owner's garden

This adorable video shows a senior dog unable to contain his excitement after snow blanketed his owner’s back garden. Owner Julia Tetley, from Greenhow Hill, North Yorkshire snapped the video after seeing her Springer Spaniel Theo enjoying the weather as parts of the county woke up to a blanket of snow. The video shows the cute pooch running circles around the soft snow. “He loves the snow! It’s so frosty and crisp here but he absolutely loves it. We live in Greenhow, which is actually England’s highest village so we tend to get a lot of snow. “He’s 11 years old but he has masses of energy! He gets a bit too excited sometimes. We like to say he’s a bit of a numpty but everyone loves how energetic and happy he is!” A weather warning has been issued as snow and ice are expected to hit parts of Yorkshire later this week. Filmed on the 4th January 2022.

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